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"Do or do not...There is no try."  Yoda.
Kung Fu is the ultimate discipline of mind and body.  
The Kung Fu Intensive Retreat is designed to forge Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual skills through hard training, discipline, theory, practice and of course a little fun.
Imagine Spending 12 days on a tropical island paradise, in a brand new luxury villa right on the beach... Training your butt off!
Sifu Nathan Head will guide you on a Kung Fu, Meditation and Qigong journey to literally change your life.
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"The difference between average and GREAT is minutes on the training floor!"
Sifu Nathan Head - Head Academy Kung Fu
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The offer below is only available to 10 people. The retreat numbers are strictly limited and the Kung Fu Intensive is only held once per year. This is a totally unique opportunity that is not available anywhere else in the world!
What YOU will learn
Take your abilities to the next level.
Jow Gar Kung Fu
Learn an entire Jow Gar Kung Fu Empty hand form called "Butterfly Palm". Specifically chosen for this retreat, the form is not taught in our general curriculum. It contains many core Jow Gar techniques and provides a variety of self defence options for all practitioners. 
Fighting Applications
Learn the philosophy behind the techniques and how every move in the form is applied in self defence. 
Pad Work and Drills
To refine and improve your power, technique, foundation and basics.
Lots of fun to be had improving your conditioning, fitness and strength.
Meditation Techniques
Learn powerful meditation techniques that can be used in the busiest of daily schedules. Learn from Sifu Nathan the first level of the Flow State Program.
Learn an ancient system of improving your health, vitality and energy levels. Iron Shirt Qigong, Tendon Nei Gung, Bone Breathing, The Golden Phoenix.
Special Mobility exercises
Sifu Nathan will work with each guest to ensure they address their own movement issues.
Stick Fighting
The Philippines is the home of stick fighting. So it is only appropriate that Sifu Nathan will teach you his version of stick fighting based on Jow Gar principles and philosophy. A complete form, with fighting applications and drills.
Siargao Island
A tropical Paradise in the Philippines.
Brand new Villa.
Maximum of 10 spaces
2000sqm right on the beach.
2 room options
Water sports, snorkeling and swimming
Enjoy three days of tourist activities and sightseeing.
Hi I'm Sifu Nathan Head

Your guide and teacher.
I am passionate about teaching Kung Fu, Meditation, Qigong and techniques that help balance the 4 realms of self. I am a Taoist Qigong Teacher, Kung Fu master, and Heart Math Coach.  I have combined all my passions and knowledge into the Kung Fu Intensive Retreats and designed them to be fun, challenging, engaging and rewarding.

I am a master of Kung Fu with over 28 years in the martial arts, a Qi Gong and meditation Instructor with over 12 years experience, a Circular Strength Training instructor, a Yoga practitioner, and  Founder of Head Academy Kung Fu and the Flow State Program. 

My aim is to teach you techniques and skills that will allow you to engage effective self defence skills, master your emotions, create a grounded and balanced self which will allow you to raise your conciousness, and unique physical skills to bring a level of health and vitality that has to be experienced to be understood.

My Flow State Program is a practical system of self-development that provides a very clear path for you follow.
The program combines ancient Taoist practices, with over 17 years of Qigong and Kung Fu training and teaching; plus scientific research and techniques from the Heart Math Institute, and the latest knowledge on physical and mental health. It will enable you to complete a harmonious transformtaion of the body, mind and spirit by focusing on balancing “The 4 Realms of Self”. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.


I've been able to combine my passion for Jow Gar Kung Fu, Meditation and Qigong into the Kung Fu Intensive Retreats for you. I am excited about this opportunity to provide a really deep transformational experience that will last a lifetime.
My depth of knowledge in so many different, but complimenting disciplines,  allows me to deliver programs and techniques that bring a harmonious balance to a person's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.

I believe that a retreat should be designed to deliver results that provide a permanent change in your life. But.. you should also be shown how to fit all of what you learn into your busy life when you get home. To truly understand and have owenership of what I will teach you, the retreats are a minimum of 12 days.
As well as training the retreats include fun, education, tourist activities, and of course recretaion. All of the things you would like to do on a tropical island holiday.

Join me for a Martial Arts Journey on a tropical island paradise where the journey begins after you arrive.


Next Intensive is
The Kung Fu Intensive
Sunday, April 15th to Thursday 26th of April 2018  
12 days, 14 nights
Everything included!!
Education, training, food, accomodation, tourist activities, airport transfers on the island, plus activities.
Standard Room Twin Share - $2800 discounted to $2600 if booked and deposit paid before 01/12/2017.
Balcony Room Twin Share - $3270 discounted to $3070 if booked and deposit paid before 01/12/2017.

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