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The Barefoot Freedom & Flow

Qigong & Meditation Retreat

A 10 day immersive retreat designed and prepared with care, and the intent to deliver a life changing experience to each of our guests.

We live in a world where the demands we place on ourselves, and the ideals and beliefs we have been brought up to value pull us away from our own true purpose, inner voice and sense of who we really are.

People are disconnected from themselves, from nature, from each other and from the “Source”

True purpose and meaning in your life will come from being connected; firstly to yourself and then to the magic that surrounds you.

The signs that you are disconnected from your true voice are;

You have a nagging feeling that you are meant to be something, or someone else.

Purple TickYou feel unfulfilled.

Purple Tick You feel confused about where you are “going”

Purple TickYou identify yourself by what you do, or what you have.

Purple TickYou never seem to be happy or content.

Purple TickYou suffer depression or anxiety.

 Purple TickYou are always thinking about the past.

 Purple TickYou are always worried about the future.

 Imagine a retreat where you could wipe all of that away…..

Our retreats are designed to do exactly that and more.


Tao_de_Libertad_Woman_Meditation_LaughingDuring this retreat you will realise your true potential and hear you inner voice. You will become a unified, whole and centered individual who operates from a position of self love and acceptance.

You will quiet the many voices that create noise and cloud your judgement and days.

You will still the mind and hear loud and clear your inner voice, and be drawn effortlessly along a path of self discovery and fulfillment.

Confusion and disillusionment are caused by searching for answers outside of ourselves, when we turn our mind to the inner voice we realise that the answers to all our questions are within us.

You will learn practices that will awaken your senses to a connection with the “Source” and the abundant energies surrounding us.

When you feel this connection to the energies or “Source” and come to realise that all things are connected in this way, and that all things come from the same “Source” you lose the false reality of being an individual. You realise that through the “Source”, and our beginnings as human beings, that we are in fact all one; connected and inseparable, both from each other and from the source.

You are god like, in fact you are from the same “stuff”.

We invite you to step onto the path…

Our Meditation and Qigong retreats will create flow and space in your life, giving you the tools to become your own master and Healer. Most importantly you will learn to foster a deeper connection with yourself and begin on a journey of self love and appreciation that will change your life forever.

Our Creating Flow and Freedom retreats are 12 days to ensure that you have an opportunity to live and breathe freedom and flow. This is not a weekend workshop  where the effects of your time away linger for a few days and then become a distant memory. We want you to return to your everyday life with a renewed purpose and a deep understanding of the theory and techniques that you will learn from us.

The positive changes that occur during the retreat will have time to solidify and you will have a thorough understanding of everything you have been taught, so that you can continue to practice and walk the path of Freedom and Flow.


Join us for our Freedom and Flow Meditation and Qigong Retreats that include:

Purple Tick A system of Meditation and Qigong with a clear path of progression

Purple Tick Meditation techniques for harmony and balance

Purple Tick Meditation techniques that eliminate and transform negative energy and thoughts

Purple Tick Techniques that will allow deep personal transformation

Purple Tick Qigong healing

Purple Tick Qigong exercises for vitality

Purple Tick A morning exercise and Qigong program

Purple Tick Tai Chi

We will teach you how to feel your own internal energy (chi) and you will learn how to connect to the abundant energies that surround us. Once you are able to tap into this supply of unlimited energy you will experience health and vitality that you only ever dreamed of.

This is more than your average Meditation and Qi Gong seminar or retreat. We have designed this 12 day experience to be a completely trans-formative and immersive experience.

During the Tao de Libertad  retreat experience you will learn the techniques, and then live them. You will also learn how to fit these techniques and programs into your daily life.

You will leave this retreat completely reinvigorated with a renewed sense of purpose.

You will be able to distinguish your true voice from the thoughts and voices that are created by the EGO.

We will teach you how to quiet the mind and free yourself from the spiral of negative thoughts and emotions.

We will show you how to apply  these simple techniques to create flow and happiness in your daily life.

We will completely change your perception of your reality.

In fact we may have a hard time getting you to leave.

Tao de Libertad Siargao Kung Fu 05 smallWhat Makes Tao de Libertad Unique?

Tao de Libertad meditation and qigong retreats are unique for many reasons. Firstly Nathan Head’s Flow State Program combines modern research, Heart Math techniques, Taoist Meditations and Qigong teachings with his own meditative and qigong practices. Secondly the practical techniques are delivered with theoretical and practical teachings on living the Taoist practices in modern life. Plus we show our guests how to create flow and freedom in their lives using these activities and techniques. Most importantly we have put together an immersive 2 week retreat to create a learning experience that will change you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We believe you need to give yourself this time to embody and have mastery over the techniques, so they will make the permanent change you are looking for.

These practices are non religious and are open to people of all faiths or spiritual beliefs. They simply form the basis of a philosophy on living in harmony with yourself, others, and of course our natural environment.

Our retreat leader, Nathan Head is a Kung Fu Master, Healer and Teacher of the ancient techniques of Qigong and Meditation.

He has been studying Taoist Meditation and Qigong now for over 11 years and has taught hundreds of students the Taoist techniques. His unique delivery of the techniques coupled with his ability to relate the techniques to students who are looking for health and personal transformation set him apart.

He will teach you how to feel, direct and work with your own internal energy (chi), as well as teach you ancient techniques of meditation that have been passed down over thousands of years. 

Nathan has been personally trained by Master Mantak Chia, creator and founder of the Universal Healing Tao. Master Mantak Chia has been the only one named twice as Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qigong in 1990 and 2012; and is also listed as number 18 of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in The Watkins Review 2012 also on one of the 100 in 2015!

Nathan will take you on the Meditation and Qigong retreat of a lifetime. One where the memories and the techniques you will learn will last forever.

Tao_De_Libertad__Siargao_Beautiful_Sunset_Cloud_9What Can You Expect?

Wake with the sun and be taken through a series of morning exercises and Qigong. Which includes

Purple Tick A unique system of joint rotations created by Nathan Head

Purple Tick Energy activation techniques

Purple Tick Tai Chi

Purple Tick Tendon Stretches

Purple Tick The Golden Phoenix Qigong

We then break for  light refreshment of tea and fruit before beginning on our morning meditation.

After the break, you will sit down in our meditation pergola and relax, letting the sounds of the ocean and the breeze drift over you, while Nathan guides you through these ancient meditative practices that are unique to the our system.

Now it is breakfast time and you sit down to enjoy the wonderful breakfast prepared by the Tao de Libertad staff, washed down with a mango juice or fresh coconut water.

After a short break we will begin a theory session on the techniques being taught that day and the philosophy of our system. These sessions will help develop a deeper understanding of the everything you are learning.

Then we will practice the wonderful techniques you have been taught, and Nathan will guide you through a session of meditation focused on the theory and techniques of the day.

The practice will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised, connected and content. You will hold onto this feeling as we break for lunch.

After Lunch you will have time to enjoy a rest in the relaxing spaces of Tao de Libertad or you may be feeling adventurous and head off to enjoy any of the water activities on offer right at our door step.

Tao de Libertad is situated right on a secluded beach. Slipping in for a swim or going for a paddle is easy.

In the afternoon we will come together to practice some standing Qigong and Iron Shirt. Teaching each student the importance of physical structure and posture, imparting ancient techniques for building a strong body. As did his master before, Nathan will impart these once highly secret techniques to you.

You will then have time to relax and enjoy the afternoon before dinner.

To finish the day Nathan will guide you through a set of Tao Yin exercises and an evening set of Qigong to relieve our bodies and minds from the days activities and prepare you for the best nights sleep you have had in a long time.

You have come to the end of just one memorable day at Tao de Libertad.

This is an example of one of our full teaching days. In your package we have included 2 whole day tours and one afternoon tour to visit some of the amazing places that everyone should see on, or around, Siargao Island.

Meditate, Stretch, Eat, Roll, Relax, Meditate, Repeat.

A meditation retreat like no other!


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Purple Tick10 nights in boutique accommodation at Tao de Libertad – All rooms are twin share.

Purple TickDaily housekeeping service

Purple Tick10 healthy and delicious breakfasts – includes meals for cleansing and energizing the body

Purple Tick10 hearty and nourishing lunches – to keep you going throughout the day

Purple Tick10 tasty dinners  – to prepare your body for the next day

Purple Tick10 delectable desserts specially made by the local chef

Purple TickUnlimited snacks from the Filipino delicatessen

Purple TickUnlimited FRESH tropical fruit at your disposal


Purple TickUnlimited drinks – water, fresh fruit juice, coconut juice, tea/coffee

Purple TickUnlimited fresh shakes – made from the local organic fruit

Purple TickJeepney transfers to and from airport

Purple TickALL transportation and cost of tours and sightseeing activities included

Purple TickTwo Rejuvenating Hours of Massage

Purple Tick10 Intensive and Transformation Meditation Sessions

Purple Tick10 days of optional surf lessons – for beginner surfers – From one of the best local surf instructors in Siargao

Purple TickQuality watercraft including a wide variety of surfboards & SUP’s

Purple TickAccess to snorkels, goggles & towels for enjoying the beautiful tropical waters

What Will You Learn?

Purple TickAn ancient system of meditation passed down over thousands of years

Purple TickQigong – Internal energy work

Purple TickUnique morning exercise routines

Purple TickA simple Tai Chi Form

Purple TickUnique body rehabilitation techniques

Purple TickHow to implement a daily practice schedule

Purple TickBreathing techniques.

Purple TickTao Yin – Taoist yoga for activating the meridians of the body




Can I Choose Other Activities?

Yes, you sure can!

Purple TickWe can organise free diving courses

Purple TickKung Fu & Tai Chi Lessons

Purple TickChi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage Treatments)

Purple TickMassage Treatments

Purple TickSurfing Lessons

Purple TickSnorkelling

Our Retreat Centre

Tao de Libertad is set on a remote, coconut lined, tropical beach on Siargao. Being situated away from the bigger villages on the island, ensures that it feels like you have left the world behind. In fact there is no doubt that you have; with limited internet and mobile connectivity we encourage guests to really disconnect, so that they can fully reconnect with themselves.

You’ll be spending 14 transformational nights at  Tao de Libertad –

Our twin share rooms are of exceptional quality with handcrafted beds and furniture from the finest carpenters on the island.

Our meditation pagoda overlooks the bay and out to the smaller surrounding islands. From here you will enjoy all that we have to teach and all the beauty of your surroundings.

Experience the culture, taste the Filipino cuisine and connect with the beauty that Siargao has to offer, not only through its natural sights but also the beauty of the Filipino people.  This is a magnificent destination that will live on in your heart forever.

Your adventure awaits you…

Siargao island is one of the most unforgettable places on earth...

Siargao Island Philippines

Siargao (Shar-Gow) is one of those places that puts an immediate spell on all who may visit its shores. The island has a magnetism that starts working its magic on you even before your feet touch it’s soil.

Pristine white beaches fringe an ocean thats colour has to be seen to be believed; an electric blue that cannot be described or truly captured on camera.

With a multitude of natural attractions, from beaches to waterfalls and of course the world class waves, Siargao is finding it’s popularity exploding  with tourists arriving from all over the world all year round.

Located on the eastern side of the Visaya’s in the Philippine Sea, If you have ever wanted to go somewhere and feel like you have truly left the world behind, then Siargao is the place for you. Some must see places while on Siargao are  Sohoton Caves, Magpupungko rock pools, Tak Tak falls, and Mam-On and Dako islands. Whether you want to surf the famous Cloud 9 or merely enjoy a tropical island meditation retreat Tao de Libertad is just what you have been looking for.

About Nathan

Nathan Frank stretching flow MaldivesNathan Head is master of teaching movement, fitness and health and has been doing so for over 10 years now. Nathan’s depth of knowledge in so many different, but complimenting disciplines puts him far above the norm in regards to technique and ability to transform a persons health and ability to move.
 As a master of Kung Fu with over 28 years in the martial arts, a Qi Gong and meditation Instructor with over 8 years experience, a Circular Strength Training instructor and a Yoga practitioner for over 14 years Nathan has been able to combine his passions into a program to bring better health, performance and improved abilities to surfers all over the world.

Nathan Head is a 45 year old father who lives in Cronulla, Sydney Australia.

His passion for surfing…

He has been surfing since he was a young boy in the 70’s, learning on the beaches of the far south coast of NSW, on the borrowed single fins of his best friends. 
Surfing has always been an integral part of Nathan’s physical and above all mental health. So on any given day you may see him around Cronulla smiling and loving the opportunity to be in the water, especially when it gets overhead on the various reefs that abound in Bate Bay. When he gets the opportunity he takes off overseas to hit the waves of the world. When he gets out of the water he has to go to work too, if you can call it work.

and his love for Kung Fu…

He owns and operates two full time Kung Fu and Universal Healing Tao Academies, one in Caringbah the other in Leichhardt, teaching over 500 full time students. Nathan has practiced in the martial arts for over 28 years, starting with the Japanese art of Judo in his early Teens. Over 16 years ago he started training in Kung Fu and has done so ever since. He currently trains in the styles of Jow Gar and Pak Mei Kung fu.

Plus his experience and journey into the Ancient Chinese Taoist Practices…

Tao-de-Libertad-Siargao-Nathan-Rock-MeditationIt wasn’t until he was given a copy of Master Chia’s “Awaken Healing Light” that he started to delve into the spiritual and energy work practices of the Tao.

Nathan has been practicing the UHT system now for 12 years and attributes these practices to getting him through some of the most difficult personal and emotional times of his life. The practices have also allowed him to develop a greater connection with himself, allowing for personal development in ways that he could not have imagined possible.

It is for this reason that Nathan has included the Universal Healing Tao System as an integral part of his philosophy for health and well being, and now enjoys passing these practices on to others so that they too may benefit.

Combining his three passions into one at Tao de Libertad,  Nathan offers a retreat experience like no other in the world.


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