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10 days of Taoist Meditation and Qigong on a tropical island paradise.

I want to share with you the secrets…

to mastering your emotions and creating a life of FLOW.

Have you ever felt moments where time disappears….

You are completely connected in the moment, engaged in what you are doing.

It’s as if time stops…yet it flies by.

And in this moment you feel content, happy…. as if everything is as it should be?

If you have, then you have already experienced FLOW.

Now imagine what it would be like to be able to create this feeling on demand!

Imagine if you could smile and flow right through negative situations.

What if other peoples actions had no effect on you at all.

Imagine keeping your composure at work when all you want to do is lose it at someone.

Imagine not being effected at all by other peoples negativity and toxicity.

Imagine not feeling anxious and like you’re not good enough.

Imagine feeling like you’re life is EXACTLY where it should be.

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Tao de Libertad…

On the Freedom and Flow Retreat I will show you how to achieve this, and more, using the Flow State Program!

My programs combine Qigong (that is a fancy Chinese expression that means energy work), and breath work (apparently breathing is good for you…who knew right?) PLUS powerful meditation techniques…. that are simple in theory but extremely powerful and transformative (plus a whole bunch of other stuff which I will list further down).

The Flow State Program is all about bringing balance into the 4 Realms of Self.

The Physical…Mental…Emotional…and Spiritual parts of us.

Join me on one of our meditation and qigong retreats and I will show you how to balance these realms you will be able to create FLOW with ease and cruise through your days with balance, calmness and a renewed sense of personal FREEDOM.

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Here is what some my students of have to say about me and my courses.


Our meditation and qigong retreats will help you create freedom and flow in your life, giving you the tools to become your own master and healer…

We invite you to begin your journey of self discovery and foster a deeper connection within yourself…


A typical day on the meditation retreat

You are invited to experience these practices that deliver a deep and profound understanding and connection with oneself, allowing a practitioner to begin on a a journey of self discovery that has no bounds.

Put an end to stress, tension and tiredness! A strong immune system, lasting sexuality and vitality are not pure luck they are your birthright. Choose fulfillment, and gain a deep spiritual experience while being actively engaged in your life. Practicing what you learn in the Freedom and Flow Meditation and Qigong retreats will give you the energy to reach your goals. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to discover these transformative techniques.

There is nothing more important than your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get away from the madness of your busy life! Our Meditation and Qigong retreat will allow you to unwind for twelve whole days  of Qigong, Meditation, Tai Chi and Tao Yin.


Leading the retreat will Sifu Nathan Head; a kung fu master with over 26 years experience in the martial arts and 16 years experience teaching Taoist Qigong and Meditation. He is the founder of the Flow State Program, Head Academy Kung Fu and

Nathan will take YOU on the Meditation and Qigong retreat of a lifetime. The experience will change your life forever.

All basic techniques of The Flow State Program will be covered. You will be immersed in the practices and given presentations of both modern research into the practices, and Taoist theory and philosophy.

You will be shown how to use your own energy for health and healing. The essence of the energy exercises  will be revealed and practiced. The conscious circulation and refinement of your own energy will guide you to health, healing and harmonious-fulfilled relationships.

On our Meditation and Qigong retreats Nathan will show you how to

Instantly change negative feelings to positive.

Detoxify your internal organs.

Grow and store positive emotional states within you.

Balance energy in the organs turning stress into relaxation.

Circulate, control & distribute your Life Force (Qi).

Practice the techniques quickly and easily.

Connect to the energies around you and use them for your own health and healing.

Create life changing benefits for yourself.

Develop a manageable daily practice routine that can be squeezed into the busiest of schedules.



These techniques are unique to the Taoist practices. The practices are non religious, and form the basis of a practical system of self development. The way in which they are taught is unique to the Flow State Program and Sifu Nathan Head.

Our Meditation and Qigong retreats will create flow and space in your life, giving you the tools to become your own master and healer. Most importantly you will learn to foster a deeper connection with yourself and begin on a journey of self discovery and appreciation that will change your life forever.

Our Freedom & Flow Meditation and Qigong Retreats are 10 days to ensure that you have an opportunity to live and breathe freedom and flow.

This is not a weekend workshop  where the effects of your time away linger for a few days and then become a distant memory. We want you to return to your everyday life with a renewed purpose and a deep understanding of the theory and techniques that you will learn from us.

The positive changes that occur during the retreat will have time to solidify and you will have a thorough understanding of everything you have been taught, so that you can continue to practice and walk the path of Freedom and Flow.

Confusion and disillusionment are caused by searching for answers outside of ourselves, when we turn our mind to the inner voice we realise that the answers to all our questions are within us.

Breathe Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

Meditation and qigong retreats like no other!

We invite you to step onto the path…


12 nights in boutique accommodation at Tao de Libertad – All rooms are twin share.

Daily housekeeping service

All meals are included for daily for cleansing and energizing the body

Desserts specially made by the local chef

Snacks from the Filipino delicatessen

FRESH tropical fruit at your disposal

Drinks – water, fresh fruit juice, coconut juice, tea/coffee

Fresh shakes – made from the local organic fruit

Jeepney transfers to and from airport

ALL transportation and cost of tours and sightseeing activities included

A Rejuvenating Hour of Massage

Daily Intensive and Transformational Meditation Sessions

Optional surf lessons – for beginner surfers – From one of the best local surf                  instructors in Siargao

Quality watercraft including a wide variety of surfboards & SUP’s

Access to snorkels, goggles & towels for enjoying the beautiful tropical waters


An ancient system of meditation passed down over thousands of years

Qigong – Internal energy work

Unique morning exercise routines

A simple Tai Chi Form

Unique body rehabilitation techniques

How to implement a daily practice schedule

Breathing techniques.

Tao Yin – Taoist yoga for activating the meridians of the body



Yes, you sure can!

We can organise free diving courses

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Lessons

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage Treatments)

Massage Treatments

Surfing Lessons


Deep Sea Fishing


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