The Freedom & Flow Surfing, Meditation & Qigong Retreat

15th SEP – 26th SEP, 2018 – Available!

30th SEP – 11th OCT, 2018 – FULL

A surf retreat like no other…  

Surfers have a profound connection to the earth. We immerse ourselves in it’s oceans, we watch the cycle of the winds, tides and seasons. We understand the cyclical nature of the earth and it’s natural phenomenon. It is the physical and mental connection with the earth and the forces of nature which culminate in the act of riding a wave, the physical manifestation of these forces, which makes surfing so special.

There is a concept that is experienced while riding a wave, which is called Flow. Flow is being present. Engaged in the moment. The Now. Everything else disappears, one’s focus is purely centered on the act of riding a wave. This complete engagement in the moment is what gives surfers the elated feeling which is associated with being in a state of Flow.

“When we surf, we connect to the ocean. When we walk barefoot on the earth, we connect to it’s energy. When we meditate we connect to our Heart Mind. When we move with consciousness we connect to our body. When we learn this…and when we master this….then we have FREEDOM.”


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human barefoot footprints on the sand of a tropical beach




The combination of surfing epics waves with Taoist Meditation and Qigong, plus education on complete body health management is a world first for surfing retreats.

We teach unique systems for ensuring physical health and fitness, combined with once highly guarded secrets of Taoist Meditation & Qigong (energy work) that are only found in combination at Tao de Libertad .

During this retreat you will surf the many waves that Siargao Island in the Philippines has to offer. Plus you will learn specific techniques and learn how to embody certain principles that are needed to bring a feeling of flow into your daily life.

One thing that cannot be guaranteed on a surf trip…… is surf. At Tao de Libertad we can guarantee that every moment of this retreat will be filled with new, unique and rewarding experiences.

You will gain knowledge that will change your life. Physically, you’ll cope with the strains of surfing. You will feel less rigid and more mobile. Mentally, you will feel calmer and clear headed. Emotionally, you will be more balanced and centered. Spiritually, you will gain deeper insights into yourself; and form a greater connection within yourself, and with the natural world.

Our retreat leader, Nathan Head is a passionate Surfer, he is a Kung Fu Master, creator of Fit4Surf, Healer and Teacher of ancient techniques of Qigong and Meditation. Nathan will take you on the surf retreat of a lifetime. One where the memories and the techniques you learn will last forever.


Surf, Stretch, Eat, Roll, Relax, Meditate, Repeat.

Surf Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

A surf retreat like no other!





12 days boutique accommodation at Tao de Libertad in our twin share rooms.

Extra fly in, fly out days for free.

Two full day sightseeing and tourist activity days.

One half day sightseeing tour.

All transportation  and entry costs for sightseeing activities.

All boat trips and transfers for surfing the different breaks are included.

Any land trips to “Secret Spots”.




 Jeepney Transfer to and from Airport.

Daily meditation, fitness, health and Qigong sessions.

Access to paddle boards, snorkels, goggles and towels for enjoying the ocean.

Night time feasts, fit for the most surf starved frother among you  – all to                        prepare your body for the next day of surfing and fun

Lunches for everyday of your stay, including meals on day trips and planned                 excursions – Full and hearty meals to keep you going throughout the day.

Tasty Snacks from the traditional Filipino menu.


What Will You Learn?

Unique surfing flow stretch routines

Unique systems of body rehabilitation

Unique surf warm up routines

Unique fitness methods for increasing stamina

Qi Gong – Internal energy work

Ancient systems of meditation passed down over thousands of years

Breathing techniques for life and surfing

Tao Yin – Taoist yoga for activating the meridians of the body







Can I Choose Other Activities?

Yes, you sure can!


We can organise free diving courses

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Lessons

Life Coaching Sessions

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage Treatments)

Incredible private Massage Treatments

Surfing Lessons


Deep Sea Fishing

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Contact us for Information on group booking discounts!

As well as group discounts, we can arrange a unique retreat experience for you and your friends. You can tailor your activities, and learning, to suit your preferences. So get your friends together and lets start planning a unique experience just for you.